Plant Saplings as Dowry!

For years, the system of dowry has damaged the Indian Society in an unimaginable manner. We may call ourselves as fast developing and evolving society, but the truth that some people trade their sons for dowry is a bitter reality of present times. It does not matter if the groom’s family is financially sound or not; but if it has been a tradition of generations to demand dowry than even if the to-be-groom is highly or professionally educated; a handsome dowry is still demanded from the bride’s family.

Well, we cannot change the mind-sets of people following this rotten system, but surely this news has brightened up our day. Mr. Sarojkanta Biswal, a schoolteacher from Odisha demanded a dowry from his father-in-law which is extraordinary and out-of-the-box. When asked by his father-in-law of his dowry demand, Biswal asked him to give 1001 saplings of fruit bearing tress which he distributed among the people of his village. His father-in-law was stunned at his demand but happily obliged and sent him the 1001 saplings a day before the wedding. Mr.Biswal strongly advocates the importance of trees and making the world more greener and his dowry demand clearly indicates that he follows what he preaches. Further, he also ensured that his wedding is free of air and sound pollution by not playing any music or bursting crackers during the wedding ceremonies.  His wife is also proud of her husband for this decision of his and complements him for his effort to safeguard the environment.

At this stage where our society stands, we truly need more people like Mr. Biswal who know what is actually needed to be fixed in the society as well as the ecosystem. Surely his wife is lucky to have gotten a husband who is so sensitive, broad minded and empathic, but we are more prouder in knowing that such a human does exist in this slowly inhuman turning planet. Mr. Biswal is an inspiration who should be idolised by many men in our country. Also all individual should make efforts to contribute their bit to the environment. If one can think so progressively, than I am sure it will be a revolution when three billion Indians think and act towards betterment of society, ecosystem and mankind.

What a man! He rightfully knows how to rid the society as well as the environment of the unwanted elements.


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